About Oregon Car Shows

Looking for a car show in Oregon? If so you have come to the right place. Here at OregonCarShows.com you can find all the best car show events that are going on in Oregon. You can find small shows that feature around 50 cars to larger car shows that feature 100’s of cars from all over the nation.

Classic Car Shows

Your most common type of car show is your classic car show. These shows usually feature cars from before the eighties. You are likely to find a Ford Model T or two, but the vast majority of the featured cars range from the 50’s to the 70’s.

Also typically with these classic car shows comes themes of the era. People dressing up in 50’s style clothing and of course, fifties bands and dances. You are bound to find plenty of food. These events are usually loaded with venders.

If the event is large enough they might have a show car section. These can be quite interesting. What is a show car you might ask? Show cars are car specifically built to show at these shows.

Show Cars

Many times these cars are quite literally made, taking the front end of one car and the back end of another, then shortened or lengthen depending on the owner. Then they are tuned and built to perfection. Then comes the paint job. This is no ordinary paint job, it is done by the best of the best with the craziest paint you can find.

Pearlescent paint is usually the paint of choice for these show cars with intricate flames or some times full murals painted on the side of these cars. These cars are definitely a site to see.

Whether your taste is for classics, show cars, motorcycles, modern cars or even if your taste is for nothing more than food, you are bound to find the show you are looking for right here at OregonCarShows.com.

Check out our 2015 Oregon Car Shows calendar to see what going on in the near future right here in Oregon.

Can't find what you are looking for here in Oregon? We got you covered, you can give our Northern California friends a shot. NorCalCars.com has great list of car shows held in Northern California.

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